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Can Police get involved in Family Law matters

Can the Police intervene in Family Law childrens issues?

Kylie and Max have two children, Leo and Steve. Kylie and Max separated and went to mediation. At mediation they reached agreement about the children and entered into a Parenting...

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Can I get divorced if I cannot locate my husband or wife?

Can I get divorced if I can't locate my husband or wife?

The shortest time from separation before your allowed to apply for a divorce is 1 year. A lot of things can change in the time following separation and we see many cases where...

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Short marriage breakdown

What happens when a short marriage breaks down?

Sadly, we see a number of cases where marriages break down after a very short period. Sometimes the marriage only lasts for a year or so, occasionally only a few months and we...

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same sex marriage overseas

Are overseas same sex marriages recognised in Australia?

Same sex marriage is still unavailable in Australia but is available in a number of other countries.

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School pickup for separated parents

How do separated parents arrange school pickup?

We often have clients who run into difficulties with their former partners about collecting the children from school and there is a lot of confusion about what can and cannot be...

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 How can I get my child's surname changed

How can I get my child’s surname changed?

Clients commonly ask about having their child’s name changed to include both parents’ surnames after separation. It is generally the mother who seeks the name change so that her...

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Family Law Consent Orders

Consent Orders - do I need a lawyer?

Consent Orders are Court Orders made by agreement between the parties and are a legally binding document commonly used in Family Law proceedings for property settlement and/or...

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Australian and American family law terminology

Australian vs American Family Law terminology

Due to the overwhelming proportion of American based media consumption in Australia, it is inevitable that Australians will incidentally use American terminology, language and...

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How does a father get his name on the child's birth certificate?

How can I get my name on my child’s birth certificate?

To get your name onto a child's birth certificate you need to attend Births, Deaths and Marriages and obtain the paperwork required to add yourself as the father on the child's...

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