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60 Minutes bungled child recovery Lebanon

60 Minutes bungled child recovery operation

You would have to be hiding under a rock not to have heard about the bungled “child recovery” operation involving the 60 Minutes crew in Lebanon. The 60 Minutes team and Ms...

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Family Law and Childrens contact centres

The benefits of using a Children’s Contact Centre

In family law cases involving children’s issues there is commonly a concern by one parent about the other parent having access to the children. When such concerns appear to be...

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Family Law and care of disabled children

Does having the care of a disabled child over 18 impact on property settlement?

Adult Child Maintenance is where one parent has to pay the other parent or directly to the child an agreed or ordered sum to contribute to the adult child’s welfare and care. ...

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Fathers spending time with children in family law

Does the mother get "care of children" preference in Family Law?

The Family Law Act 1975 (the “Act”) was not designed to promote the role of the mother over the role of the father. The primary consideration under this Act when looking at the...

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What's it like inside the Federal Circuit Court

An insider’s view to the Federal Circuit Court

As a family lawyer, the courtroom to me is a very familiar place. For my clientele however, the courtroom is often an unfamiliar place, marred by images of shouting, fighting and...

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Family Law property settlement

Risks in delaying property settlement

We are increasingly coming across clients who have separated and left finalising their Family Law property settlement for many years. There are considerable risks involved in...

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After separation who stays in the home

Separated? Who gets to live in the former family home?

It’s a big decision to make the choice to separate from your partner. It’s most usual, once you’ve made that decision, for one of you to leave the former matrimonial home. ...

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Difference between Family Court and Federal Circuit Court

What’s the difference between the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court?

There are two courts in Australia which deal with Family Law matters; the Federal Circuit Court of Australia and the Family Court of Australia. Both Courts use the Family Law Act...

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New rental laws in South Australia for victims of domestic violence

New rental laws for South Australian domestic violence victims

In November 2015 new laws were passed in South Australia to provide protection against financial penalties for victims of domestic violence who are renting their homes.

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