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Family courts can consider domestic violence in property settlement

Family Courts can consider domestic violence when determining property settlement

Domestic violence can have such a profound impact on a person’s life. Unfortunately, it remains common place that we see this with many of our client’s on a daily basis....

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Family Law applications deadline for Christmas 2016

Christmas time and the children after separation

Strict time limits apply to Family Law applications for parenting orders to be dealt before Christmas. For 2016, this date is Friday 11 November.

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Separating siblings after a relationship breakdown

Separating siblings after a relationship breakdown

Sometimes we find that a parent who is going through a separation will propose that the children of the relationship should be separated into different homes. For example, they...

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Can I secretly record my children or my ex?

Can I record my child or my ex-partner and use it as evidence in my Family Court proceedings?

Nowadays with access to technology such as smart phones it is becoming increasingly common for parties involved in Family Court proceedings to do things such as record their...

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Care arrangements for children of separated parents

Care arrangements for children. Is structure and routine preferable?

This title of this blog may seem obvious in itself. We have all read articles and listened to conversations promoting the importance of structure and routine in care arrangements...

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Should I tell the school that we're divorcing

We've separated. Should I let the school know?

When the family unit breaks down the stress is not only placed on the parents but also any children of the family. When parties separate it generally means that one parent will...

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changing child's surname without ex partners consent

Can I change my child’s surname without my ex’s consent?

We are often presented with matters where the parents have separated when the child was young and one parent has taken it upon themselves to informally change the child’s surname...

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Parental responsibility

Parental responsibility - where do I stand?

Parents have parental responsibility of their children. This parental responsibility continues until the child reaches the age of 18 or it is removed by way of a Federal Circuit...

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Disclosure and Family Law

Do I have to "tell all" in Family Law?

When parties are part of a family law dispute, whether it be financial or children’s matters, they are required to make full and frank disclosure of all information which is...

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