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Getting consent to change your child's school

Do I need to consult with my ex before changing my child’s school?

By default at law, all parents have what is known as ‘parental responsibility’ for their child. This means that decisions about major long term issues regarding a child are to be...

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Family Law property settlement issues

My husband gave me an STD! Can I make him pay in a property settlement?

The no-fault principle in Family Law is designed to reduce the hostile nature of divorce and to encourage alternative dispute resolution as opposed to confrontation, heated court...

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When will I need to have a barrister in Family Law

When will I need a barrister for my Family Law matter?

Retaining a barrister can be a subjective choice of the client. If the client specifically wants a barrister to appear for them in court rather than their solicitor, then the...

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Do I have the right to see my grandchildren

Do I have a right to see my grandchildren?

One of the recurring problems of a separation between parents that we see is the effect on children spending time with their grandparents. Usually the main focus is on the...

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Relocating children interstate without consent

My ex-partner won’t let me take the kids to live interstate

If there are already Court Orders in place that don’t include relocating your children to another State and you move interstate with them, you will be in breach of those orders.

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sharing children after separation

How do we sort out the living arrangements of the children after separation?

After separation parents need to work out a plan for how their children will live. For some people these arrangements can be worked out between them amicably and sensibly. For...

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Time frames and delays in the Federal Circuit Court for Family Law

Current timeframes for Family Law matters in the Federal Circuit Court

The Federal Circuit Court of Australia manages the highest number of family law cases in Australia. Fathomably, the Federal Circuit Court of Australia is a consistently and...

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My spouse is not participating in Family Law property settlement discussions

My spouse is not participating in property settlement negotiations

Tina and Ike both immediately retained respective lawyers to represent them for their Family Law property settlement. Despite negotiating through letters for six months, no...

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Care arrangements for children of separated parents

My teenager is not so enthusiastic about the Family Law care arrangements

Until recently Marcia’s care arrangements have seen her live with each parent in alternate weeks. Three weeks ago Marcia refused to go to Carol’s house, telling Mike that Carol...

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