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parent holding child's hand

What do we do about co-parenting and handovers during lockdown?

The SA government announced a 7-day lockdown for South Australia. What does this mean for co-parenting and handovers, while still abiding by lockdown restrictions?

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husband and wife divorcing

Finding hidden assets in Family Law matters

What happens with one party tries to maximize what they get out of their property settlement by trying to keep some of their assets separate or hidden?

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man taking wedding ring off

Top 10 Tips for Keeping your Legal Costs Down after Separation

Sometimes legal matters can get drawn-out, which results in the legal fees being higher than what you, or your lawyer, had expected. Here are some tips to help keep legal costs...

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husband and wife signing divorce papers

Should I use an online service to file my Application for Divorce?

Online legal services are offering to assist people with their Application for Divorce. Before proceeding, be aware of the risks.

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Covid-19 Vaccine

Covid-19 Vaccine: What happens when Co-Parents disagree?

What happens when parents who share equal parental responsibility can't agree on if their children should be vaccinated against Covid-19?

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property settlement

Can I do my divorce and property settlement online and without a lawyer?

The real question is: is an online settlement the best way of navigating the situation for you and your family?

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property settlement

My ex is not participating in property settlement negotiations

When your ex is being difficult in property settlement scenarios, what are your options to ensure a resolution is met?

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christmas broken heart

Christmas often sees a spike in separations – think before you act in haste

Sadly, while the Christmas period is supposed to be a time for families to get away from work or school and enjoy the holiday season together, it’s also a time when the family...

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feet, socks, family christmas

How can I see my children over Christmas?

It is really common to see separated parents in dispute about the arrangements for children over Christmas; whether it be Christmas Day, school holiday time or taking the children...

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