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COVID-19: Implications for workers

The COVID-19 outbreak will have wide ranging implications for Australians in many ways. This blog discusses the legal issues impacting employees and employers in these difficult...

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Can I be sacked by text message or email?

Many employers use text messaging or messaging apps to communicate with their staff about rosters and to make various announcements. Consistent with this, some employers have...

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Woolworths wage theft allegations: how to determine if you are being underpaid?

There has been significant media coverage recently surrounding Woolworths admitting to be underpaying around 5,700 staff for several years. This blog post explains how to...

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How is personal (sick) leave calculated?

This blog explains the different personal (sick) leave entitlements for different employees in relation to the recent case of Mondelez v Automotive, Food, Metals, Engineering,...

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The 'gig' economy - what are workers' entitlements?

There has been an increase in workers choosing flexibility over job security by participating in the gig economy, where workers are paid per 'gig' they undertake.

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The Affects of Family and Domestic Violence on Employability

The effects of Family and Domestic Violence on Employability

Family and domestic violence (FDV) causes great human and economic cost to our community. One of the costs of domestic violence which is, perhaps, less readily recognised, is the...

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Courtroom fines

Significant fine imposed on unscrupulous employer who exploited a young worker

A recent decision demonstrates the commitment of the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) to protecting vulnerable workers and punishing unscrupulous employers who attempt to exploit them....

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The 7 Eleven wage abuse scandal has prompted significant changes to laws to protect vulnerable workers

The 7 Eleven wage abuse scandal has prompted significant changes to laws to protect vulnerable workers

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Unfair dismissal win for truck driver in Adelaide

TWU member receives excellent result in Unfair Dismissal matter

Fraser Murray was employed by Reliable Petroleum (“Reliable”), a subsidiary business of Peregrine Corporation (commonly known for the OTR petrol/convenience stores). He was...

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