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police seize trust account funds

Can Police Seize Funds Paid By Clients To Their Lawyers' Trust Account For Legal Fees?

SA Police recently seized money from a law firm's trust account, due to connections with criminal activity. The firm was unaware of the seizure and believed the money was lost or...

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police car lights

When does my Conviction become 'Spent'?

Did you know that certain convictions are eligible to become “spent” and will no longer be disclosed on a police criminal check?

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police car

The silly season is upon us! So what's the real cost of drink driving?

It's a Friday night and one after-work drink has turned into several. You drove into work that day and really would prefer to wake up tomorrow with your car in your drive way....

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police car with flashing lights

Changes to Guilty Plea Discounts

From 2 November 2020 changes have been made to the discounts available through the recently passed Statutes Amendments (Sentencing) Act 2020, which commenced on 2 November 2020....

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police car

Gel Blasters are now considered a firearm under South Australia law

Recent new laws have taken effect in South Australia on the 8th of October 2020 that mean Gel Blasters are now regulated in the same way as paintball guns and firearms.

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Criminal convictions record

Do past criminal convictions remain on your history forever?

If you have been convicted of a criminal offence then you know that the conviction will be disclosed on your criminal record. However, you may not be aware that certain adult...

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intervention or restraining orders

Successfully defending an intervention order

An intervention order is an order made by a Court restraining the defendant from having certain types of contact with the person protected by the order. Andersons Solicitors have...

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online payment fraud

What is online payment fraud and how does it happen?

Fraud is always a possibility in online transactions. Over the past six months, there has been an increase in the sophistication of such fraud. We have had a number of clients who...

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Laws for cyclists in South Australia

Setting the record straight on South Australia’s bike laws

Since 2012 cyclists have accounted for 4% of fatalities and 9% of serious injuries on South Australian roads. A total of 21 cyclists have been killed on our roads in that time,...

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