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can you sue for personal injury

Your privacy matters. Should individuals have a right to sue when it is breached?

The Privacy Amendment Act includes a set of new harmonised privacy principals that regulate the handling of personal information by both Australian government agencies and...

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leasing commercial properties

Stop and look before you lease commercial premises

A lease is a legally binding contract and enforceable by law. You and your landlord have clearly defined rights and responsibilities under lease agreements. Never sign a lease...

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commercial law contracts and creditors

Do you supply goods to customers on credit terms?

If you are a company and you supply goods to customers on credit terms it is important that you review what you are doing to protect yourself in the event that the customer falls...

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privacy laws commercial law

13 things to know about Australia’s new Privacy Laws

With the new Privacy Laws, there are thirteen Australian Privacy Principles as well as changes to the laws of credit reporting. The Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy...

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commercial and business law

A warning to tenants - the High Court confirms the powers of liquidators

In the past we have recommended to our clients that tenants who rent a shop, office, farm or other land have their lease registered against the land to protect their rights

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minor civil claim changes

Small Claims and Other Changes to the Jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court

The Magistrates Court is the court with the “lowest” jurisdiction in South Australia. It hears matters which, amongst other things, relate to neighbourhood disputes, fences...

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