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Force Majeure and Frustration of Contracts

The Coronavirus (‘COVID-19’) pandemic has caused an unprecedented impact on society and the economy. Extensive protective measures implemented by Governments have created an...

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Changes to insolvency and bankruptcy law

On 22 March 2020, in acknowledgement of and response to the economic impacts of the Coronavirus, the Morrison Government introduced temporary relief measures for financially...

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I am owed money, what do I do?

This blog explains what to do when you are owed money, and debt recovery in general in the Magistrates Court.

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How do I verify my identity for Probate and Land Dealings?

It has always been a requirement in South Australia to be appropriately identified in accordance with strict requirements before transferring land into or out of your name.

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Minor Civil Claims

Minor Civil Claims that are heard in the Magistrates Court require parties to be self-represented. However, this doesn't mean you should not seek legal advice surrounding these...

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Changes to Liquor Licencing in South Australia

Changes to the Liquor Licensing (Liquor Review) Amendment Act 2017 (SA) came into effect on 14 November 2019.9 These changes are transitioning current licence holders into new...

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Defective Swimming Pools

With summer just around the corner, many households are taking the covers off their pools, or considering putting a pool in their backyard. Unfortunately, here at Andersons, we...

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what to do in the event of a privacy breach

What to do in the event of a privacy breach?

In an earlier blog post we explained the Privacy Act and why all entities should have a privacy policy. In this blog, we discuss what to do in the event of a privacy breach and...

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Associations and the Australian Privacy Principles

Many associations have concerns over the content of their privacy duty. This blog post explains how The Privacy Act 1988 applies to Incorporated Associations and the obligations...

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