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what the end of vaccine mandates mean for employers

What the end of COVID-19 mandates mean for employers

Last week's announcement that vaccine mandates were to end in the schools and transport sectors has raised many questions for employers. Margaret Kaukas, Employment Law Special...

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Can I Claim Paid Leave if I’m Forced to Isolate as a ‘Close Contact’?

Can I Claim Paid Leave if I’m Forced to Isolate as a ‘Close Contact’?

With COVID-19 racing through the community, more and more people are being required to isolate as ‘close contact’ of a COVID-19 positive person. If you can't work remotely, can...

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COVID-19 vaccinations in the workplace

An Update On Unfair Dismissal Cases Relating To Refusal of COVID-19 Vaccination in the Workplace

The Fair Work Commission recently handed down the first unfair dismissal decision involving the COVID-19 vaccination. Andersons Employment Law expert Margaret Kaukas provides an...

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covid vaccination in children

What happens if parents disagree on vaccinating their child against COVID-19?

With the roll out of COVID-19 vaccinations for Australian children aged 5-11 this week, many parents are rushing to have their little ones protected. But what happens when parents...

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mandating vaccines in the workplace

COVID-19 Vaccine: Can my employer mandate or enforce a vaccine?

Andersons Employment Law specialist Margaret Kaukas considers this question in this article and provides expert opinion on whether an employer can mandate or enforce a vaccine.

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COVID Workers Compensation Claim

Is it possible to claim workers compensation if COVID-19 is contracted at work?

A recent finding has been made in the New South Wales Personal Injury Commission that the family of a worker who died as a result of contracting COVID-19 in the course of a work...

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married couple holding hands

5 Tips to Help You Through Lockdown

Lockdowns disrupt our normal way of living and can result in out-of-the-ordinary responses, emotions and experiences. Here are five tips that may help you get through lockdown.

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parent holding child's hand

What do we do about co-parenting and handovers during lockdown?

The SA government announced a 7-day lockdown for South Australia. What does this mean for co-parenting and handovers, while still abiding by lockdown restrictions?

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Covid-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine: Can my employer enforce a vaccine?

As COVID-19 vaccinations are rolled out throughout Australia, a critical point in question is whether or not an employer can force an employee to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

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