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bike rider

Bike Riders v Potholes: Is the Council liable for injuries caused by defects in the road?

We are frequently contacted by cyclists with queries about whether a Council can be held liable for injuries sustained as a result of encountering a pothole in the road, or...

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car accident with injuries

Claims for compensation against interstate insured drivers

This blog explains your options to make a claim for injuries or death if you are involved in an accident where the at-fault driver is insured in another State or Territory.

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bike riders on road with cars

The law regarding cyclists and left-turning drivers

There is often much confusion about who has right of way when a motorist signals to turn left at an intersection and a cyclist is travelling straight.

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bike riders riding on road next to cars

Changes to Bike Laws: Three Years On

Three years on from 2015’s landmark legislative changes to South Australia's bike laws. We discuss whether the laws have been the coveted ‘saving grace’ of our road’s most...

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lime scooters

E-Scooters in Adelaide: What You Need to Know

Those living, working or travelling through the CBD over the past week may have noticed a collection of bright green electric scooters scattered across the city. A trial of...

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lady riding a bicycle on the bike lane of a road

Are cyclists obliged to ride on share paths if one is available?

A shared path is an area open to the public that is designated for, use by both the riders of bicycles and pedestrians, and includes a length of path for use by both bicycles and...

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My Health Record

The Pros and Cons of My Heath Record: To opt in or out?

With the opt-out date for the My Health Record System looming, Andersons Solicitors discusses the pros and cons of the controversial record to help you make an informed decision...

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My Health Record

Senate Inquiry into My Health Record

A Senate Inquiry has found that the proposed changes to My Health Record are not enough to safeguard Australians.

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laws for motorists sharing the road with cyclists in South Australia

The laws all motorists should be aware of when sharing the road with cyclists

With the weekly bike traffic in South Australia having increased by 56 per cent over the last 10 years, there are a few laws all motorists should be aware of when it comes to...

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