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Proposed changes to South Australia’s Return to Work Act 2014

Proposed changes to South Australia’s Return to Work Act 2014

The South Australia government is trying to make changes to payments to injured workers.

There has been no notice as to the proposed reforms or discussions with the community at large about these changes. Everyday workers are the people who will be most affected by these changes.

At the moment injured workers are able to have their percentage assessments for permanent impairment combined if the injuries are connected in some way. The higher the percentage of permanent impairment the higher the lump sum payment. The SA government is trying to bring in a law that reduces the ability of an injured worker to combine the impairment assessments. The impact of this will mean that injured workers will receive less payments and others may miss out completely. It will also mean that it will be more difficult for an injured worker to be classified as seriously injured and receive ongoing income support and medical payments.

We are concerned about the changes as they will have a devastating impact on injured workers, their families, and our community.

The South Australian government tabled the proposed changes in Parliament on 2 June 2022. A period of only 14 days, until 16 June 2022, has been allowed before Members of Parliament will vote on the proposed changes.

Andersons will keep fighting to stop or at least minimise the impact of these changes.

Watch this space for further updates about the potential impact of these changes. If you have any questions about the proposed Return To Work Act you can contact the Andersons Workers Compensation team. 

Read the media release from Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) about the proposed changes to South Australia’s Return to Work Act 2014

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