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Should I use an online service to file my Application for Divorce?

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Since our recent article, Can I do my divorce and property settlement online and without a lawyer? we have been made aware of some further online legal services that are offering to assist family law clients with their Application for Divorce in a fully online setting for a fee.

The Issues with Applying for a Divorce Online

In recent weeks, clients have approached us expressing concern about the service they have paid for. Some of these concerns were:

  • They had a solicitor help them prepare and lodge the Application, never having met the solicitor, knowing their name, or what state they are in;
  • They were not provided with any advice about the process or requirements for filing for divorce in Australia; and
  • They were initially told that the payment to lodge their Application for Divorce also included assistance with negotiating and finalising their property settlement matter. However, when they later asked for assistance with property settlement, they were told that they could not be assisted further, and that the fee only covered their divorce.

As outlined in our last blog, whilst these online services are available to assist you with your property settlement and divorce, you must be aware of several risks.

Understanding the Process of Divorce

It is essential that you are provided with accurate advice and understand the process of divorce before making an application.

If you have instructed a solicitor (even in an online setting) to assist you, they should be providing you with all the necessary advice regarding the legal requirements for divorce. They should also make sure you fully understand the process every step of the way.

We hold some serious concerns that some of these online services are not providing this assistance to clients, and therefore clients are not getting the best service for their money.

Additional Requirements Beyond a Standard ApplicationĀ 

If you have a divorce that involves a separation under the same roof, or service issues, you should ensure that your application covers these points. If your application is not filed correctly, it could cause your divorce application to be delayed or dismissed.

This is where our experienced family law team at Andersons Solicitors are able to provide you with accurate advice and assistance to make sure your Application is prepared properly and you achieve the outcome you are looking for. Contact us to speak with one of our team - we're here to help.

Please note, this Blog is posted in Adelaide, South Australia by Andersons Solicitors. It relates to Australian Federal and South Australian legislation. Andersons Solicitors is a medium sized law firm servicing metropolitan Adelaide and regional South Australia across all areas of law for individuals and businesses.

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