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Why Should I Lodge a Motor Vehicle Claim?

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If you have suffered injury in a motor vehicle accident whether as a pedestrian, cyclist, passenger or driver it is important that you contact the CTP Regulator on 1300 303 558 and lodge a claim by completing the required claim form.

It is expected under the Compulsory Third Party Scheme of insurance that claims will be lodged within 6 months of the accident date although claims can be lodged beyond the period of 6 months.

You may be entitled to payment of medical expenses and provision of home services such as assistance with cleaning and gardening and rehabilitation such as physiotherapy following the accident and it is important to get this assistance early.

Lodgement of a claim at an early time will also preserve any evidence and assist with the timely progression and finalisation of your claim.

If your claim is not finalised within 3 years from the date of the accident you will need to lodge a formal claim for compensation with the relevant court.  However, there are a number of pre-action steps that need to be undertaken before filing a claim with the court. Lodgement of the initial claim form with the relevant CTP insurer will also help to preserve evidence and allow you to get the medical treatment and rehabilitation required to maximise your recovery from the injuries sustained in the accident.

Even in circumstances where you subsequently do not meet the required thresholds for certain losses such as pain and suffering and future loss of earning capacity you may still be entitled to payment of medical expenses, home assistance and any rehabilitation needs associated with the accident.

The CTP compensation regime is complex and we encourage you to take advantage of a 30 minute first free interview consultation with one of our lawyers experienced in handling motor vehicle accident claims. You can contact our motor vehicle accident lawyers here.

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