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5 Tips To Assist Senior Legal Practitioners Pursuing a Career in Law

Selina Nikoloudakis, Andersons Solicitors

Over the past month, Family Law Partner and Accredited Specialist Selina Nikoloudakis has written articles providing her 5 tips to secure your first legal job and 5 tips for graduates embarking on their career. In this article, Selina shares her 5 tips for senior legal practitioners.

Writing this article has made me reflect on my own professional journey and review my future career aspirations. Below are my 5 tips to assist more senior practitioners pursue a career in the law that is fulfilling both professionally and personally.

  1. Make connections and build relationships: Step out of your comfort zone and build professional working relationships with your work colleagues, other members of the legal profession and professionals who are likely to refer you work. After I acquired 4 years PAE, I established my own professional networking group. Over the years, I have built solid professional working relationships and this has resulted in the cross-referral of work.

  2. Consider further study: The law is forever evolving; we will never stop learning. Reflecting on my career path, after a couple of years of working full-time, I made the decision to complete a postgraduate degree. Admittedly, working full-time and studying part-time was challenging at times. However, with perseverance and determination I proudly obtained a Master of Laws degree through the College of Law. Shortly after I completed this study, I went on to attain my Specialist Accreditation. Today, I am able to use these qualifications to further promote my skillset, and the knowledge I acquired, I feel, has made me a better lawyer.

  3. Have career goals: You should think about what your career goals are and formulate a plan to help you achieve them. Consider this plan to be your business plan. At least every 12 months you should review your plan and revise it where necessary. A career goal of mine was to be promoted to partner. I am proud that I have now achieved that goal. Bear in mind that in the pursuit of your goals, you will likely face challenges and obstacles – don’t let those obstacles deter you from achieving your ambitions.

  4. Have people you can turn to for professional guidance, whether it’s to talk about a case or to seek advice about your career: I am very fortunate in that I have met some wonderful people on this journey – they know who they are and how grateful I am for their continued support and guidance.

  5. Remember why you chose this profession and be true to yourself: For me, I am passionate about helping people and assisting them to formulate a plan to navigate through what is likely to be one of the most difficult times in their lives. I get job satisfaction when I am able to resolve my client’s matter so they can move on with their lives.

Good luck and best wishes for the festive season!


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