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Do I still handover children during lockdown?


On Wednesday 18 November 2020 the Premier announced a Statewide lockdown across South Australia for 6 days followed by a further 8 days of strict conditions. This came in response to the 'Parafield Cluster' of cases. The lockdown came down upon us very quickly and as a shock given we had enjoyed months of COVID-19 free lifestyle. There are now significant restrictions placed on all of us during the lockdown and people are required to stay inside except in very limited circumstances. 

What do the new COVID-19 restrictions mean for separated parents with children?

 The new restrictions state that people can only leave their home:

  • to receive medical care including COVID testing
  • to obtain medical supplies.
  • to attend organised end of life visits
  • to work as an emergency services worker or a worker providing essential services
  • for agricultural work
  • one person, once per day to attend supermarkets to obtain essential supplies
  • in an emergency situation

Can separated parents hand over their children to the other parent during lockdown?

The list does not include handing over children to the other parent. SAPOL has however just released an update to clarify other reasons people may leave the home. This list does include to adhere to shared parenting arrangements, whether Court ordered or otherwise.

So with this update being released it is now clear that parents are allowed to leave the home to facilitate handovers, and in the Case of Court ordered time they will be required to comply with those orders over the next 6 days.

If you need any advice about your particular situation please contact us at Andersons as we are continuing to work per usual (but from home) during this period.

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