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Adult Adoption success story

adult adoption

In 2016 the South Australian Parliament amended the Adoption Act (SA) 1988 to allow persons over the age of 18 years to be adopted.

Since that time we have received a number of enquiries by people regarding the change of law and whether or not they can adopt someone or be adopted themselves.

In an earlier blog, we discussed how the legislation allows adults to be adopted when there is a significant pre-existing parent to child relationship between two persons, before the adult child attained the age of 18 years.

One of the first adult adoption cases in South Australian history

Andersons Solicitors has now successfully made an application for an adult adoption for one of our clients and their family. This was processed through the Youth Court of South Australia. This is one of the very first cases of adult adoption in South Australian history.

Making an application for adult adoption

Making an application for an adult adoption is a bit of a tricky technical situation and the client was happy to have our help with it. The legislation is not overly complicated but there are a number of steps that need to be covered before the application can be granted by the court.

Having a pre-existing relationship confirmed through an adoption order granted by the court is a special and emotional moment which we were very happy to be involved in.

Adult adoptions can also have beneficial consequences for Wills and Estate structures, which we discussed in an earlier blog. 

Are you interested in adult adoption?

If you are interested in adopting an adult person who has been an important part of your life, or you are interested in being adopted by someone, please contact our office.

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