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What are my workplace health and safety obligations during COVID-19?


Employers have an onerous responsibility under the Work Health and Safety Act to ensure, so far as reasonably practicable, the health and safety of workers and others in the workplace, by eliminating or minimising risks.

Most employers – Andersons Solicitors amongst them – have already begun to introduce measures to minimise the risk of their employees and other stakeholders contracting or transmitting the virus in the workplace.

How to minimise the risk of contracting Coronavirus in the workplace: 

  • ensuring that employees adopt practices such as social distancing, regular hand washing and good hygiene when handling money or surfaces;
  • introducing cleaning schedules so that surfaces which are regularly touched by many people can be regularly disinfected;
  • limiting face to face meetings where possible, utilising phone or video conferencing instead;  and
  • setting staff up to work from home where possible.

For further advice in relation to Work Health and Safety see the advice from Safe Work Australia

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This blog was written by Margaret Kaukas and Anthony Reynolds

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