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You are not alone: facing the challenges of a workers compensation claim

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Earlier this week the ABC’s Four Corners program featured a story on the struggle of workers covered by the State workers compensation schemes in Victoria and New South Wales.  The program was wide-ranging, but there were some common themes which emerged. 

Common themes in workers compensation claims

  • the outcome of claims and the way that they are handled can negatively affect a worker’s whole life, including medically, financially and socially;
  • some workers spend energy on fighting the system, rather than focusing on getting better;
  • a failure to provide meaningful assistance with a return to work or rehabilitation can lead to long term problems for a worker;
  • delays and errors in payments being made for income support and reimbursement of medical and other expenses; and
  • workers can often feel like they are one individual against the Government and insurers.

These are just some of the challenges that an injured person faces with any personal injury claim.  However, it is a more specifically the case for claimants in workers compensation schemes.  These schemes involve ongoing claims, where workers are required to prove themselves over and over again to gain access to compensation, services and other forms of support which they need.

The challenges of facing a workers compensation claim on your own

Facing a workers compensation claim on your own can be daunting prospect, especially where the scheme is regulated by a Government entity and administered by insurance companies.  However, you are not alone.  You can seek legal advice at every step of the way.

At Andersons Solicitors, we have a dedicated team of lawyers who have expertise and experience in advising on and representing workers in relation to South Australian and Comcare workers compensation claims.

We offer a half-hour interview without charge.  At that appointment, you can tell one of our lawyers your story.  We stand ready to provide you with advice which specifically relates to the circumstances of your workers compensation matter.

Want to find out more about workers compensation claims?

We have created the following infographics that will provide a simple explanation on workers compensation claims:

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