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10 tips to save you time, money and emotion during a separation and divorce

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If you are going through ​a separation or divorce, here are our top tips for saving time, money and emotion: 

  1. Get expert family law advice early on: This way we can help you to avoid issues that make the situation worse and try to support you to sort out matters quickly and sensibly. 
  1. Always act in your children’s best interests: They will thank you for it later and this is what is required of separating parents under the Family Law Act 1975.
  1. Secure your data and finances: It is important that you do this in order to protect your privacy and to ensure that bills still get paid and money does not go missing.
  1. Be careful what you put on social media: This can cause more problems and end up attached to court documents affecting your case.
  1. Get financial advice: This can help you to work out what your best options are to look after yourself and your children now and to set yourself up in the future.
  1. Get counselling: To help you to work through your emotions so you can make sensible decisions. 
  1. Be honest with your lawyer: We need you to do this so that we can give you the best advice possible to sort out your situation.
  1. Collect all of your relevant financial information: This includes: bank statements, tax returns, superannuation statements and other documents that detail your financial situation. Providing this information to your lawyer means we can provide you with advice on property division.
  1. Keep a record of important details: Write a record of all agreements made with your former partner, money spent after separations and time spent with your children so you can pass this on to your lawyer to help with your case.
  1. Be kind to yourself and accept help and support from friends as this can be a tough time in your life

If you are going through a separation or divorce, contact our Family Law team for expert legal advice. 

Please note, this Blog is posted in Adelaide, South Australia by Andersons Solicitors. It relates to Australian Federal and South Australian legislation. Andersons Solicitors is a medium sized law firm servicing metropolitan Adelaide and regional South Australia across all areas of law for individuals and businesses.

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