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Christmas often sees a spike in separations – think before you act in haste

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Sadly, while the Christmas period is supposed to be a time for families to get away from work or school and enjoy the holiday season together, it’s also a time when the family unit can fall apart.

Each year we receive a large number of new Family Law enquiries in January and February from very recently separated couples. In fact, the first working day back from the holidays has earnt the title "Divorce Day" as it often records the highest number of new Family Law enquiries out of any other day. Whilst it’s not entirely clear why this time of the year has such a spike in these new enquiries, it is a trend we have noticed for some time now.

Generally between Christmas and New Year and in the early parts of January it can be difficult to get in to see a Family Lawyer as this is the time that many lawyers and law firms are on leave and closed. Even the courts take a break during this period and will only hear the most urgent of cases.

Beware of making sudden or rash decisions immediately after separation

There are a number of important decisions that are often made very quickly after separation, such as:

  • Whether to leave the house or stay
  • Urgent financial support
  • Who the children will live with
  • Cancelled holiday arrangements

It’s very important that, before making any serious decisions, you obtain legal advice from a specialist Family Lawyer.

Every situation is different and it’s important that you receive that advice to ensure that in your particular circumstances you make the right decisions to help give you the best chance of both protecting your rights while also resolving disputes as amicably as possible.

Our offices close from 12.30 pm on Wednesday 23 December, and will be reopening 8.30 am Monday 11 January. For anything urgent please call 08 8238 6666 or email 

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