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Co-parenting after separation- here is an app that can help

divitto parenting app

Relationships break down for many reasons and unfortunately, it is not always on good terms. However being able to effectively and amicably co-parent with your ex-partner is very important for children. They have just lost the stability of their family unit and need to see their parents communicating and working together as much as possible.

Co-parenting can be hard but with smartphones and new apps being created all the time there are some options for people to assist them.

One of the newest apps to assist with co-parenting is Divvito. It can be downloaded to all smartphones from the designated app store. Divvito provides for two parents to connect on a private messenger platform to discuss matters relating to their children.

Divvito includes an assistant called Dani (are you thinking what I am thinking, the creator of this app must be a Danny DeVito fan). Dani will introduce you to the app and help you learn about its features.

 Divvito provides a messenger for direct messages to occur between parents, a conversations tab so that you can have folders which address specific issues, such as education, sporting, invitations and medical appointments. And Dani, the assistant, will help with keeping the communication between you and your ex-partner respectful and about the children. Dani will review messages before they are sent and hint if he thinks they should be changed. Dani will also replace any profanity with an emoji to prevent any profanity to be sent.

 Other useful tips for co-parenting after separation can be found in my previous blog 5 tips to help you co-parent after separation. 


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