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Injured in a motor vehicle accident? Don’t settle your claim unless you’ve included future medical expenses

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident, it’s relatively easy to quantify the amount you want to claim for medical treatment you’ve already had. But have you considered the amount that you might need to cover the costs of medical expenses beyond the final settlement of your claim?

No-one has a crystal ball when it comes to anticipating the extent of medical treatment that you might need for accident-related injuries, beyond the time that you negotiated your settlement with your insurer. It’s therefore very important to consider carefully and with appropriate medical and legal advice, the anticipated future medical needs and how much money you might need to allocate to that.

How do I ensure I cover myself for future medical expenses?

When formulating a claim for compensation after a motor vehicle accident, “future medical expenses” should feature prominently in the overall settlement. This is best achieved by seeking in advance, the advice of suitably qualified medical professionals who may not only recommend the extent and nature of medical treatment likely to be needed in the future, but they may also be asked to provide an estimate of the costs with respect to such future treatment.

You should also seek advice from a lawyer experienced in motor vehicle accident compensation claims.

Your estimated future medical expenses amount should be added to any total settlement offered by your insurer.

The personal injury lawyers at Andersons Solicitors are highly experienced in all matters relating to common law claims (which includes compensation claims after a road accident) and we’re committed to getting you all the entitlements available to you including allocation of an appropriate amount to cover your future medical costs.

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