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We’ve separated. How can I get to see my children at Christmas?

Family Law and how to see your children at Christmas

It is really common to see separated parents in dispute about the arrangements for children over Christmas; whether it be Christmas Day, school holiday time or taking the children away for the holidays.

The cut-off date for filing applications about Christmas time has well and truly passed, being Friday 10 November 2017.

"...if there is a very urgent issue such as concerns for the safety of a child, that will be dealt with promptly."

That being said if there is a very urgent issue such as concerns for the safety of a child, with the correct legal assistance, that will be dealt with promptly.

If the matter is not considered urgent, parents in dispute about arrangements for the children are left with little opportunity to try and sort out suitable arrangements.

If there is a Family Court Order or Parenting Plan in place, you should of course follow the terms already agreed to. If there are major issues with the plan or order, you should seek immediate legal advice.

Where there is no agreement about Christmas arrangements, it is also now too late to engage in Community based Family Dispute Resolution (“FDR”) as this generally takes between 1-3 months to complete (depending on the provider). 

There are alternatives to Community based FDR which can be arranged privately.

With the assistance of a solicitor we can advise on appropriate arrangements in your particular circumstances and can formulate a proposal for the Christmas period. We can negotiate these arrangements on your behalf directly with the other party (even at short notice) and also arrange private FDR (either with or without a solicitor) at very short notice.

Should you still be having difficulty with arrangements for the children over Christmas, please contact us immediately on 1800 663 655 or feel free to get in touch directly with today’s blog writer, Partner in Family Law and Certified Family Law Specialist, Ryan Thomas.

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