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Couples can now register their relationship in South Australia for the first time!

Couples can now register their relationships in South Australia

From 1 August 2017, couples in South Australia can now formally register their relationship with the office of Births, Deaths and Marriages. This means that the relationship will be legally recognised.

Who can apply to register their relationship?

  • Anyone who is in a relationship with another person as a couple; and
  • Each of them are at least 18 years of age; and
  • At least one of them lives in South Australia.

You can apply to register your relationship irrespective of your sex or gender identity.

You cannot apply to register your relationship if you are already married, already in a registered relationship, in a relationship as a couple with another person, or if you are related by family.

What do you need to do to register your relationship?

  • Apply on the Consumer and Business services website.
  • Pay a lodgement fee;
  • Provide information regarding your relationship;
  • Prove your identity;
  • Provide a properly witnessed statutory declaration from both you and your partner.

Couples registering their relationship do not have to have a ceremony but if they choose to do so, they can ask registry staff to perform a ceremony for them.

It appears now that if two people in a relationship do not want to or cannot legally marry in Australia, they can still have their relationship legally registered and recognised.

If a registered relationship ends, then one of the persons involved in that relationship can apply for the registration to be revoked.

At Andersons, we can assist you with the process of registering your relationship by helping you through the application process and preparing and witnessing the statutory declarations required.

The registering of your relationship is unlikely to change your entitlements regarding that relationship in the event of a separation in the future.

If you’d like to know more about this new opportunity to register your relationship, feel free to get in touch with the Family Law team at Andersons. 

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