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How long do motor accident compensation claims take to finalise?

Motor vehicle accident compensation claim

One of the most common questions we hear from clients is “when will this be all over?” This is a perfectly reasonable question to ask as there are a number of complex steps that need to take place in these types of compensation claims.

It is vital to understand early on in your case that a person who has been injured following a motor vehicle accident only has one attempt in bringing their claim. Once a compensation claim is finalised, that is it, as all of these claims are finalised on a “once and for all” basis. It is extremely difficult to revisit a finalised claim, particularly in cases where the injury or injuries have worsened or have not healed as expected.

This is why solicitors prefer that a client’s injuries have stabilised and that their medical treatment has been completed. Another factor that solicitors have to consider is the financial cost of medical treatment. As this can often be very expensive, solicitors prefer to finalise these types of compensation claims when their clients’ injuries have stabilised, as they wish to reduce the guesswork as much as possible when calculating the cost of future medical expenses for their clients.

In addition, solicitors also need to know whether their client’s injuries have completely healed or if their client continues to suffer from a “residual disability” which is at the point of being able to be accurately assessed in terms of receiving compensation.

These are the reasons why lawyers try to “strike the balance” between being able to accurately assess a client’s full entitlements and not dragging out the process over an extended period of time. Generally, the best answer is that these types of claims will most likely conclude when a client completes their recovery process.

As you can see, it is not a “clear cut” answer. Whilst we’re hoping to have given you the information that you were after, we understand you may have further questions or concerns regarding these types of claims.  If so, feel free to get in touch directly with today’s blog writer.

Today’s primary writer and researcher is PLT Law Student Milo Kuga assisted by Senior Associate in Civil Litigation, Matthew Fuss.

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