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Can I park in a bike lane?

laws regarding bike lanes

Simply put, no.

Motor vehicles are only permitted in bicycle lanes when:

  • The bicycle lane is not in operation
  • Stopping in an emergency
  • Entering or leaving the road from private property, a parking area or another road (and then only for up to 50 metres)
  • Passing a vehicle turning right or making a U turn (and then only for up to 50 metres)
  • Avoiding an obstruction (and then only for up to 50 metres)
  • Driving a bus or taxi picking up or dropping off passengers (and then only for up to 50 metres


You should be able to tell if a bicycle lane is not in operation as it should be clearly marked.  For example: there are some bike lanes on arterial roads coming into the CBD that are marked as bike lanes from 7.30 to 9.00 am heading into the CBD and from 4.30 to 6.00 pm heading out of the CBD. Therefore outside of those times you can legally park there.

In this Adelaide Now article it was reported that in 2012 Adelaide motorists were fined $1.7 million by local councils for parking in bicycle lanes at the wrong times.

In the past decade, the State Government has invested more than $100 million on bike lanes and paths, increasing the cycling network by more than 60 percent.

While Charles Sturt and Tea Tree Gully councils took the hardest line on illegal parking, issuing 2642 and 1138 fines respectively.,

How much have metropolitan councils around Adelaide collected in "bike lane" parking infringements?


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