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Understanding No Win No Fee in legal matters

no win no fee

The term "No Win No Fee" is a type of catch phrase used regularly by law firms acting in personal injury matters.  South Australian lawyers, Andersons Solicitors offer "no win no fee" agreements on a number of personal injury matters.

For a "no win no fee" agreement to be entered into, the solicitor acting must be of the opinion that the case has merit and that there are good prospects of success.  "No win no fee" will not be offered to a client if there is clearly no chance of success should they wish to pursue a personal injury compensation claim.

Entering into a "no win no fee" agreement means that the solicitor's fee for his or her "time" will not be charged to the client unless the claim succeeds.  At Andersons, our fees on personal injury matters are ordinarily charged according to time spent (often referred to as "time recording" or "billable hours") working on a particular claim and it is the cost of this time that will only be charged if the claim is successful.

Under a "no win no fee" agreement if the claim is unsuccessful, no fee will be charged for the solicitors time however the client is responsible for any disbursements incurred in the case.  Disbursements are out of pocket expenses; that is, expenses that involve payment to a third party.  For example medical records, medical reports, police reports and also expenses such as photo copying, couriers and Barristers fees are considered disbursements. 

At Andersons, if you enter into a "no win no fee" arrangement with us, the conditions for this arrangement will be discussed with you and confirmed in writing with you.  It is important that you seek clarification on your fees if, at any time, you are unclear as to how they are calculated or what your "no win no fee" arrangement covers

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