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Family Law Win. Andersons successful in gaining client relocation

property settlement and children's issues

Andersons Family Law Department have just resolved a matrimonial matter in South Australia which finalises all matters to do with the parties' property settlement and children's issues.

The matter was in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia and listed for Trial in late 2013. One significant issue of dispute between the husband and wife was whether or not the wife could significantly change the existing equal shared care arrangements for the children so that they primarily live with her and relocate with her and her new partner to regional South Australia.

We built a strong case in support of the relocation including the use of a number of witnesses to show that the current living arrangements were not working and not in the best interests of the children.

We engaged a psychologist to prepare a Family Assessment Report in the matter and this too supported our client's relocation and the change in living arrangements. We then entered into last minute negotiations with the other side and were able to settle the matter by consent 'on the steps of the Court', saving the need for a Trial and saving significant further legal costs.

Our client is now free to relocate with the children and her new partner. The children live primarily with her and spend time with her former husband on alternate weekends. The property settlement was also resolved on a favourable basis.

Overall it's a very good result for the client, the children and the Andersons Family Law team.

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