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parenting matters

Can I change my child’s name without the other parent’s consent in SA?

What happens if there is a need to change a child’s name before they are legally able to make that decision themselves? And what if both parents do not agree about changing the...

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car accident injury insurance claim

Five Things You Need to Know About Your Car Accident Injury Claim

If you have been injured in a car accident in South Australia, you should make a claim for compensation from the insurer of the driver at fault for the accident.

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Family Law Specialist Accreditation

What is Specialist Accreditation?

It is only through the Specialist Accreditation program that Family Law practitioners are tested and peer reviewed to ensure that they operate at the highest levels of Family Law...

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employment law

Employee or Sub-Contractor? The High Court Speaks

Whether you are an employee or sub-contractor, the distinction is important and can have significant legal consequences. Andersons' Employment and Industrial Law Special Counsel...

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family law masters

Andersons Family Law Team Attains Another Masters

I am really pleased to congratulate Nestoras Alexandropoulos on the completion of his Master of Laws (Family Law) from the College of Law.

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registered relationships south australia

What You Should Know Before Registering Your Relationship

Couples who wish to have their domestic relationship formalised or recognised, but do not wish to get married, can register their relationship under the Relationships Register Act...

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workers compensation claim south australia

Do I still accrue leave entitlements while I’m receiving workers compensation payments?

It’s understandable that a worker may be concerned about whether or not their leave entitlements are affected if they are unable to work and receiving workers compensation...

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what the end of vaccine mandates mean for employers

What the end of COVID-19 mandates mean for employers

Last week's announcement that vaccine mandates were to end in the schools and transport sectors has raised many questions for employers. Margaret Kaukas, Employment Law Special...

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Why do I need a will?

Why Do I Need a Will? The Importance of Estate Planning for Any Stage of Life

Making a will is a really important consideration in all stages of life whether you are marrying, starting a family or divorcing. If you die without a will, your estate will be...

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