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woman making a call after a car crash

Should I see a lawyer for a CTP Claim?

Are you receiving everything you are entitled to? Find out the answers to 5 commonly asked questions about seeing a lawyer for a CTP Claim.

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5 Tips to Help You Through Lockdown

Lockdowns disrupt our normal way of living and can result in out-of-the-ordinary responses, emotions and experiences. Here are five tips that may help you get through lockdown.

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parent holding child's hand

What do we do about co-parenting and handovers during lockdown?

The SA government announced a 7-day lockdown for South Australia. What does this mean for co-parenting and handovers, while still abiding by lockdown restrictions?

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money and gavel

Lodging a Tax Return for a Deceased Estate

Tax doesn’t simply go away when a person passes away. So who lodges a tax return for a deceased estate?

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husband and wife divorcing

Finding hidden assets in Family Law matters

What happens with one party tries to maximize what they get out of their property settlement by trying to keep some of their assets separate or hidden?

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crutches against a wall

Major changes proposed to Return to Work payments

Return to Work SA has recently put out a consultation paper on proposed changes to the Impairment Assessment Guidelines (IAG) for injured workers. What will the impact be?

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Andersons Solicitors bolstered through acquisition of Stokes Legal

The acquisition brings together two trusted and recognised South Australian firms, and strengthens Andersons’ full legal service offering.

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man in hospital with broken leg

What do I do when I have suffered injury or loss as a result of medical treatment?

What do you do when the medical treatment you've received doesn't go well? And are there options to receive compensation for the loss or damage you've suffered?

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When does my Conviction become 'Spent'?

Did you know that certain convictions are eligible to become “spent” and will no longer be disclosed on a police criminal check?

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