Probate and Estate Administration

If you own real estate or other significant assets then a grant of Probate may be required by your executors to carry out the wishes in your Will.

What is Probate?

Probate is a document issued by the Supreme Court of South Australia proving your last Will and formally authorising your executors to carry out their duties according to law.

Applications for Probate can be complex

An application for Probate may be complicated and difficult.

If you are an executor named in a Will you should consult one of our experienced solicitors to help you through the process.

Administering an estate can also be a complicated process. Various gifts may have to be made, perhaps to charities or maybe a testamentary trust has been set up by the Will which will require careful examination. There may be issues with the preparation or storage of the Will that make the process more difficult.

If there is no Will then a grant of Letters of Administration may be required instead of a grant of Probate.

Early legal advice to ensure you are aware of your rights and obligations will be essential.  Contact Andersons Solicitors today. 

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