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Same Sex Relationships

Did you know that now, same sex couples have maintenance and property rights under the law in Australia? Amendments to the Family Law Act mean that, for those who meet the criteria of a de facto relationship, the law of de facto relationship maintenance and property adjustment now applies to same sex relationships.

Family Law issues for same sex relationships

There are many legal issues that may affect you. You may wish to know about your property entitlements in the event of a relationship breakdown or how you can protect your property when thinking about entering a new relationship. You may be considering having a family and want to know where you and your partner stand in relation to any children you may have. The law in Australia as to who is legally a parent to the child is complex and is something you should get advice about if you are intending to have a family.

You should engage an experienced Family Law solicitor to assist you with any aspects of Family Law. Contact the Andersons team to arrange an initial free 30 minute consultation at any one of our office locations.