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Free initial phone conversation with a Family Lawyer

Don’t hesitate to contact our Family Law team with your first chat on the phone free. We also offer a reduced rate for your initial consultation, where we can provide you with detailed advice, answer your questions and provide an estimate of costs for achieving an effective, practical and tailored solution. Our lawyers are passionate about continuing professional development and ongoing legal training and we are part of a national group of firms known as Law Australasia including leading Family Law firms that share knowledge and experience in Family Law.

Your Family Law individual needs

We deliver our services to suit your individual needs, whether you require sensitive and practical negotiation or vigorous pursuit of your rights. We have a proven track record of settling the majority of our cases by negotiation. We prefer to keep a case out of Court if possible as it cuts down the expense and emotional cost. Where necessary we can quickly prepare an urgent matter to Court to either protect your children or preserve your property rights.

Expert Family Law advice

At Andersons we are able to provide a complete service to our clients as we have lawyers specialising in a broad range of legal areas which enables us to offer you expert legal advice in other incidental matters following your separation.

When family relationships become strained or marriage difficulties arise it is important to obtain assistance and advice from people who have special training and experience in helping find a suitable solution to your problems.

On separation each spouse may need to make some fairly immediate decisions about practical things such as:

  • who the children shall live with and the time they spend with the other party, or will their care  be shared?
  • how you and your former partner will support yourselves and the children;
  • what, how and when you will tell the children and family about the marriage/ relationship breakdown and separation;
  • who will pay outstanding bills or debts (Credit card etc);
  • who will stay in the house;
  • how will the rent or mortgage be paid; what will happen to any joint accounts;
  • what will happen to the house, furniture, car and other property?

Talking with an experienced solicitor can help you pinpoint problems and may assist you to resolve differences before they get out of hand. The Andersons Family Law team can assist you in all aspects of your Family Law requirements.


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