Attorney and Carer Duties

Attorneys and Carers have significant responsibility and may have considerable power and control over the affairs of a person.  Some of the terms are not easy to understand and are often misunderstood or not explained when the appointment is accepted.

If you have been appointed under either scheme and you don’t understand your obligations then you may need to seek advice.  There are strict duties and standards expected of people in these appointments, and a failure to live up to them may result in you becoming personally liable to compensate the person for whom you are supposed to be caring.

Alternatively, you may be aware of other appointees acting irresponsibility or in abuse of the power given.  There are legal options where an appointee abuses their power for personal gain or simple mismanagement. 

Andersons Solicitors can help challenge POAs, recover lost monies, and ensure those involved are placed in a position with the most appropriate appointments and care.

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