Road Traffic Offences

Road traffic offences is a broad category that encompasses a wide range of matters. 

There are traffic offences that are expiated (that is, when you receive a fine) by police such as: driving whilst using your mobile phone, driving without a seatbelt and speeding less than 45km per hour.  These matters will generally not go before a court unless you elect to be prosecuted. 

There may be many different reasons why you elect to be prosecuted.  You may dispute the allegations or you may wish to reduce your demerit points in an attempt to keep your licence.

  • Drink driving offences fall into two categories:
  • driving with the prescribed concentration of alcohol (PCA); and
  • driving under the influence (DUI).

The difference between the two depends on the alcohol reading and the standard of driving.  Whilst there is mandatory sentencing there is a range of penalties available to a Magistrate.  If getting the minimum disqualification period is important to you then being represented by a solicitor is highly recommended.

There are serious traffic offences like:

  • driving whilst disqualified;
  • reckless or dangerous driving; and
  • causing death by dangerous driving.

All these offences have a maximum penalty of imprisonment and licence disqualification.

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