Overview of Courts and Offences

We attend the following courts:

  • Adelaide Magistrates Court;
  • All suburban Magistrates Courts;
  • Adelaide Youth Court;
  • All suburban Youth Courts;
  • Victor Harbor Magistrates Court;
  • Kingscote Magistrates and Youth Court;
  • Murray Bridge Magistrates and Youth Court;
  • Mount Barker Magistrates and Youth Court;
  • District Court; and
  • Supreme Court

In South Australia our criminal matters fall within three categories depending on the seriousness of the offence:

  • Summary offences like: theft (under $2,500), assault (basic), disorderly behaviour and possess controlled drug for personal use.
  • Minor indictable offences like: theft (over $2,500 but under $30,000) aggravated assault, interfere with a motor vehicle and possession of prescribed precursor or equipment intending to manufacture a controlled drug; and
  • Major indictable offences like: theft (over $30,000), murder, rape and trafficking in a large commercial quantity of a controlled drug.

Our solicitors are able to represent you in relation to all of these offences.  We are also able to act for you in relation to expiable offences (that is, matters that you receive an expiation/fine from police), road traffic offences and when a youth is charged with an offence.

It is important to be represented for criminal matters because we can assist with:

  • bail applications;
  • providing general advice in relation to criminal matters;
  • pre-trial hearings;
  • negotiations with prosecution in relation to downgrading the charge;
  • negotiating with prosecution about the withdrawal of the charge;
  • negotiating with prosecution an agreed factual basis; this is relevant when you do not agree with what prosecution are alleging happened;
  • negotiating with prosecution an agreed penalty;
  • representation for guilty plea submissions in mitigation of penalty (that is, explaining to the court the circumstances of the offending and your own personal circumstances in an attempt to receive a lesser penalty); and
  • trials.

Remember, it's important to seek timely legal advice - criminal law matters require your urgent attention.

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