Minor Indictable Offences

If you are charged with a minor indictable offence you will initially appear before a Magistrate in a Magistrates Court. The maximum penalty that can be imposed for a minor indictable offence  is a $120,000 fine or five years imprisonment or both. (current as at August 2012)

Minor indictable offences encompass a wide range of matters like: Street offences: gross indecency and interference with a motor vehicle. Offences against the person: aggravated assault (e.g. with a weapon or against a spouse of child), causing harm, indecent assault and stalking. Offences against property: theft and receiving (over $2,500 but under $30,000), serious criminal trespass. Drug offences: possess a controlled precursor or prescribed equipment with the intent to manufacture, possess prescribed quantity of precursor or prescribed equipment. This list is not an exhaustive list but provides you with examples of the type of offences you may be charged with.

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