Most people do not understand the actions and procedures that can be taken when a person or a company fails to make payment when due. The options available to you can also vary based on the nature of the debt and different strategies may need to be adopted for different people.

Debt Collection, repossessions and bankruptcy

At Andersons, we deal with simple enforcement of debts, repossessions, liquidation and bankruptcy matters, workers liens and where possible, lodging caveats and charges to secure debts. Alternatively, if there is an action against you but you believe the debt is not due, or that you have a counterclaim or that you will have the means to make payment if given the chance, we can also help you to protect your position.

Are you owed money?

If you are owed money by a company rather than an actual person, there are steps that you can take to accelerate the process of having your request for payment addressed, even if you are owed as little as $2000.00. Alternatively, it may be that obtaining security for a debt which was previously unsecured is sufficient to give interim satisfaction until the debt can be paid in full.

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