Conveyancing and Personal Commercial Services

Our commercial services also extend to individual property and consumer matters. If you are considering a large transaction, such as buying or building a home, it is wise to get professional advice before locking yourself in.

Conveyancing services

At Andersons, we undertake all aspects of both residential and commercial conveyancing.

Our residential conveyancing services include:

  • Transfer of land, home or other property; purchase or sale
  • Form 1 (where the agent is not attending to this)
  • Contracts (when the purchase or sale is private and without an agent)
  • Attendance at settlements
  • Conveyancing associated with administration of a deceased estate
  • Conveyancing associated with a Family Law property settlement

Our commercial conveyancing services include:

  • Purchase or sale of any commercial property (for example, small corner store through to shopping centres)
  • Commercial leases including the registration or renewal of leases
  • Assignment of lease
  • Preparation of private mortgages
  • Purchase and sale of a business

Why use a lawyer for your conveyancing?

The benefit you receive from having a law firm undertake your conveyancing work is the peace of mind of knowing that if a problem arises, there is no need to refer your matter elsewhere for legal advice or assistance. We offer competitive fees and you can be confident that your conveyance will be handled professionally and efficiently by our team.

Construction issues and contracts

We frequently advise on "home and land" packages, and other construction issues. Contracts such as these have many inter-related conditions and if one such condition is not met, the entire contract could fail. It is important to understand the papers that you are signing and the legal and financial effect that they will have on you.

Andersons have a team of lawyers and registered conveyancers. Contact Sheryn Miles for all your conveyancing needs. 

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