We provide advice and assistance in respect of the entire business lifecycle, from concepts and establishment, to assisting with ordinary operations, and all the way through to sale or dissolution.

Legal advice for business

Our business advice includes consideration of asset protection, financial management and succession. We consider and advice on the applicability, management and benefit of corporate trading entities, as well as trusts and partnerships. We give legal support to all businesses, from large companies to sole traders.

Contract law and legal advice

Once a business venture is established, we are able to provide legal advice on its transactions and provide regular contractual advice, negotiation and drafting services. Some clients require leases, mortgages or liquor licences, and others need franchise agreements, intellectual property protection or employment contracts.

At Andersons we have a wide field of expertise and resources that allow us to provide you with the necessary support for your business endeavours. Call Andersons Solicitors on 8238 6666 to arrange a consultation with one of our experienced Commercial lawyers.  

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