Need to make a payment?

Important information about making payments to Andersons Solicitors 

Andersons Solicitors will never provide our account details by email and we will never request that you provide your account details to us by email. This comes after a spate of cyber-crime affecting our industry.

The account that is found on this web page (and in our retainer agreement with you) is the only account to be used to pay money to Andersons Solicitors. Please always contact our accounts department on 8238 6695 or 8238 6697 prior to transferring any funds to Andersons in order to verify our account details and to ensure that your payment can be tracked in our system.

We advise that any email requesting payment to Andersons Solicitors via an account which is different to the one listed below or which contains alternate account details is fraudulent and unauthorised, even if the email appears to be entirely legitimate and contains the usual sender email address and our firm’s email signature and footers.

You should contact us immediately if you receive such an email so we may report it to the relevant authorities and investigate the matter further.

Funds may only be lodged into the following Andersons Solicitors Trust Account:

Account name: Andersons Solicitors Trust Account
Bank: Macquarie Bank Limited
BSB: 185-300
Account Number: 301763652

In order to identify this payment as yours, please ensure that either your name or your matter number (which can be found on our correspondence to you) is shown on the payment, as the reference field for online banking. On completion of the payment, please email our accounts department via and advise them of the funds transfer you have made to the above account.