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Love pets? You're going to love our fantastic "Furry Friend" calendar

Andersons Furry Friends

Rupert you naughty scoundrel!

Love pets? Well so do we. After all, lawyers are people too. 

So this year, we decided we'd celebrate all those furry friends in our workplace.

Let's just be clear - this was NOT as simple a task as possibly anticipated.

What did we ask the team to do? 

We asked the team to simply take a snap of their furry friend with a Christmas theme and the results were nothing short of amazing.

From French Bulldogs to prize winning German Shepherds, you're going to struggle not to smile at these wonderful photos. We were surprised and totally thrilled with the results. Make sure you check out the calendar which is available for download here. You can also follow our Facebook page, where we will be releasing a happy (and furry) mugshot each day over the Xmas period.

Download our full calendar.