Community Support

Cancer Council Pro Bono Program

The team at Andersons are delighted to be participating in the Cancer Council Pro Bono Program. The provision of pro bono services and assisting those who are struggling in our community provides our staff with an opportunity to “give back” in a worthwhile and personally rewarding way.

The Cancer Council works across every area of cancer from research to support services to advocating for action on cancer.

It’s unfortunate that in this modern day of incredible medical research achievements, we are still seeking that illusive cancer cure and/or prevention option. Cancer is insidious and can affect absolutely anyone and for many, it’s very sudden and intensely debilitating in a very short period of time.

There are many and varied challenges cancer sufferers have to attend to and access to experienced, compassionate and speedy legal services could be one of them. The Pro Bono program has been set up to be able to offer those services, where these people and their carers and families might otherwise have struggled. 

The Pro Bono Program is supported by a number of law firms across Australia; each of them providing legal services across number of other practice areas.  The Pro Bono Program also runs services in finance, accounting and workplace issues.

Many of the services are free and some are a paid service; determined after consultation with the Cancer Council prior to referral.

If you’d like access to legal services through the Program, we recommend you contact the Cancer Council Pro Bono Program.

At Andersons, we are participating in services for Wills and Estate Planning (including Power of Attorney and Advance Care Directives) and issues in the workplace with our team in Industrial and Employment Law.